Suyeong Rhie - Résumé

Personal Details

이 수영(李 秀永, リ・スヨン)
E-mail: me at
Phone: +82 10-2139-1123(temporary suspended)
     +81 80-3738-7600
GitHub: Suyeong Rhie (noxowl)



Free and open source software.
UNIX-like system. mainly using CentOS, Arch and macOS.
Web-base service development. backend server, little bit of web frontend.
Server side network programming. like kubernetes cluster or ceph storage. also interests in microservice.
CJK or non-ascii character in modern computer environment.
Handheld embedded system. like portable gaming system or tablet device.
Virtual reality, mixed reality.
Deep space communication. or high latency network environment.
Machine learning, algorithm trading, AI and Lisp.

Skills & Experience

Languages: Python, Ruby, Kotlin, C#, C++, Common Lisp
Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, Redis, ElasticSearch
Deployments: Docker, Kubernetes
Web servers: Nginx
Web backend frameworks: Flask, Ruby on Rails
Web frontend frameworks: Vue.js
Game dev framework: Unity3D, PSPSDK
Tools: Vim, Git, Jenkins, Wireshark
Virtualization solution: Proxmox, OpenNebula, OpenStack
Cloud computing platform: Linode, DigitalOcean, AWS(EC2, RDS, CloudFront, S3, ElastiCache)


2020.04-2021 University in Japan / Japanese Language Program
2018.03-2019.08 University / B.E. Computer Science (Early Graduation)
2013.01-2015.01 Served in the Air Force as a Senior airman (Computer technician)
    + 2014.10 ROKAF Information and Communications Contest / Hacking Defence - 5th Place
    + 2013.03 ROKAF Information and Communications School
2012.03-2017.02 University
2009.03-2012.02 Sudo Electric Technical High School / Electronic Applications

Personal Projects

2020 Purifier
A RESTful API endpoint for modded minecraft server. jwt token authorization included. github

2019 Irastretto
Concept API of modular-base social network media scrap’n share service. built with message queue. github

2017 Preseoje
Parse and archive Korea president’s past schedule from bluehouse korea official web site. github

2017 Airpods-Airpods
Built for buy some Apple Airpods. Check Airpods stock in local reseller store itself. github

2017 Hannakageul
Convert broken character like “뷁어”, Built for restore encode between EUC-KR and Shift-JIS or somethings. github, pypi


2017-2019 Plustonic
Maintained mahjong solitaire game published by 「Line Games」
– Backend Server [ JSP, Spring, Redis, Docker, Messagepack]

Built prototype game client and product game server of 「Kingdom Alive」 A team offence adventure game. and also built game service management/translation management tool.
– Game client [ Unity3D, C#, Java ]
– Backend server [ Python, Flask, Redis, MySQL, SQLAlchemy, Alembic, Twisted, Json, Messagepack, Linux, Docker, Kubernetes, Amazon Web Service, ElasticSearch ]
– Web frontend [ Vue.js, Messagepack ]

Built revision-base translation management and auto distribution Tool for 「Fantasy Squad」 the mobile game.
– Backend server/web frontend [ Python, Flask, MySQL, SQLAlchemy, Alembic, Amazon Web Service, Jinja2, JQuery, Json ]

Maintained 「Fantasy Squad」 game API server and game service management tool.
– Backend server [ PHP, MySql, Redis, AWS ]
– Backend server/web frontend [ PHP, Laravel, JQuery, Json ]
– Automation [ Python, Jenkins CI, Amazon Web Service ]

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