Suyeong RHIE - Résumé

Personal Details

이 수영(李 秀永, リ・スヨン)
E-mail: me at
    s.rhie at
    suyeong-rhie at
GitHub: Suyeong Rhie (noxowl)



Human Computer Interaction. HCI.
Agumented reality.
Improve human communication and Human-Agent communication.
CJK or non-ascii character in modern computer environment.
Virtual environment and Human interaction.
Real world problem solving through computer science/electronic engineering.

Skills & Experience

Codewars: codewars badge
Languages: Python, Rust, Kotlin, C#, Ruby, C++, Clojure, Common Lisp
Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, Redis, ElasticSearch
DevOps: Nginx, Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Linode, DigitalOcean, AWS, Proxmox, OpenNebula, OpenStack
Server FW.: Flask, Twisted, Ruby on Rails
Client/Web FW.: Unity3D, Vue.js, PSPSDK
Tools: Vim, Git, Wireshark
Physical computing and Prototyping: Physical sensors and GPIO(Raspberry Pi, Arduino), OpenCV, Eye tracking, Soldering skills and knowledge of electronic circuit.

Education & Experiences

2024.04~ Japan advanced institute of science and technology(JAIST)
Doctor of Philosophy Student in Knowledge Science at Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.

2022.04~2024.03 JAIST & Kanazawa University
Master of Philosophy Student in Transdisciplinary Sciences at Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. Joint degree course with Kanazawa University.

  • Cyberpsychology & Emerging Technologies (CET) Team.
  • Scholarship for the Division of Transdisciplinary Sciences (~2024.03)
  • Primary supervisor YUIZONO Takaya, Prof.
    Major in HCI, CSCW
  • Secondary supervisor SUGANUMA Naoki, Prof.
    (Kanazawa Univ.) Major in AI, Autonomous driving
  • Mentor WANG Tzu-Yang, Asst. Prof.
    Major in HCI, CSCW
  • 2022.08 Summer internship program in AIST, Tsukuba. Human Augmentation Research Center.

2020.04-2022.03 Josai University
Japanese Language Program (Non-degree program)

  • Mentor EYA Yoko, Adjunct faculty, Waseda University.
    Major in Japanese Applied Linguistics

2018.03-2019.08 University in Korea
B.Sc. in Computer Science Engineering (Early Graduation)

  • Capstone project Design and implementation of modular design base social media scrap and share service application.

2013.01-2015.01 Republic of Korea Air Force
Served in the Air Force as a Senior airman correspond to NATO OR-4. Computer Technician.

  • 2014.10 ROKAF Information and Communications Contest / Hacking Defence - 5th Place
  • 2013.03 ROKAF Information and Communications School

2012.03-2017.02 University in Korea

2009.03-2012.02 Sudo Electric Technical High School
Major in Electronic Applications.

MOOC Courses & Certifications:

  • Build a Modern Computer from First Principles: From Nand to Tetris (Project-Centered Course) certification

Personal Projects

2022 Mask my name
A Text masking CLI application/API for privacy(Ring Fit Adventure screenshot). github
[ Rust, OpenCV, Tesseract ]

2020 Purifier
A RESTful API endpoint for modded minecraft server. jwt token authorization included. github
[ Kotlin, Javalin as API Router ]

2020 Nachtbeere
A Full-stack microservice architecture modded-minecraft server network. built with linode Tokyo region VPS and physical 1U VM server located in IDC, Seoul, Korea. github, architecture overview (pdf)
[ Linux, Shell, Docker, Kotlin, Python, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Redis, MySQL, Proxmox, Cloudflare, Dropbox ]

2019 Irastretto
Concept API of modular-base social network media scrap’n share service. built with message queue. github
[ Python, Flask, Celery, lxml ]

2017 Preseoje
Parse and archive Korea president’s past schedule from bluehouse korea official web site. github
[ Python, SQLAlchemy, lxml ]

2017 Airpods-Airpods
Built for buy Apple Airpods. Check Airpods stock in local reseller store itself. github
[ Python, lxml ]

2017 Hannakageul
Convert broken character like “뷁어”, Built for restore encode between EUC-KR and Shift-JIS or somethings. github, pypi
[ Python ]


2017-2019 Plustonic
▶︎ Shin-Chan (Backend, Unreleased)
Refactoring, development and documentation of mahjong solitaire game published by 「Line Games」. China service version of LINE Puzzle Tantan.
– Server [ JSP, Spring, Redis, Docker, Messagepack ]

▶︎ Kingdom Alive (Backend, iOS&Android)
Built production game server and prototype game client of 「Kingdom Alive」, A Offence RPG game. and also built game service management/translation management tool.
– Server [ Python, Flask, Redis, MySQL, SQLAlchemy, Alembic, Twisted, Json, Messagepack, Linux, Docker, Kubernetes, Amazon Web Service, ElasticSearch ]
– Web frontend [ Vue.js, Messagepack ]
– Game client [ Unity3D, C#, Java ]

▶︎ Fantasy Squad (Backend)
Built revision-base translation management and auto distribution Tool for 「Fantasy Squad」 the mobile game.
– Backend/web frontend [ Python, Flask, MySQL, SQLAlchemy, Alembic, Amazon Web Service, Jinja2, JQuery, Json ]

Maintained 「Fantasy Squad」 game API server and game service management tool.
– Server [ PHP, MySql, Redis, AWS ]
– Server/Web frontend [ PHP, Laravel, JQuery, Json ]
– DevOps [ Python, Jenkins CI, Amazon Web Service ]

▶︎ Last Sortie (iOS, in 2016 Intern)
A 2D casual shooter mobile game. Apple game center linked.
– Game client [ Unity3D, C# ]

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